God loves us

God loves us and does not want us to be lost. However, since He is righteous, He must judge the whole world for the sake of our sins; indeed, it is already under judgment. However, out of love, God came to us in His Son Jesus Christ. He lived a righteous life and took all our sins upon himself on the cross, that is, he, the righteous one, suffered judgment in our place so that everyone who believes in him may obtain forgiveness of his sins and, moreover, receive eternal life. So God has done a great work to save us, and if we accept it in faith, we can also be sure that we are saved (see John 5:24). The following drawing is meant to illustrate God's plan with us human beings once again in a simple way:


  1. God became man in Jesus Christ so that the glory and grace of God could be seen in Him (John 1:14).
  2. As the Lamb of God, He took upon Himself the sin of the world on the Cross (John 1:29), so He bore our judgment, and so we can now claim the forgiveness of our sins and receive the eternal life of God as purified vessels.
  3. God raised Jesus from the dead and made Him Lord of all. As the Spirit who makes us alive, he now enters and abides in every person who receives him (John 14:16-20; 20:22). So in order to possess him as our eternal life and be a child of God, we must receive him: But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the children of God, to them that believe on his name" (John 1:12).

Do we recognize who Jesus Christ really is? Just by a word or a brief touch, he healed everyone who came to him. He set free those who were bound. Through a word from him, the storm and the waves of the sea subsided. He had authority - even authority to forgive people their sins. Who but God can forgive sins? He spoke words of life - words that made those who heard them come alive. Those who heard in faith realized that in him the loving Father spoke and acted, calling people to himself so that they would not remain lost in this world.

As a loving Father, God still calls people to Himself through the word of the Bible, to welcome them warmly and to give them rich gifts beyond expectation. It is therefore not surprising that the Bible is also called a testament. God wants to give us something, he wants to leave us an inheritance. Anyone who wants can receive it, if only he believes in Jesus and comes to him - for example, through the following prayer: "Lord Jesus, I believe in you. Cleanse me from all my sins and come into me. I want to have your eternal life. Guide me according to your plan." In this way we become a child of God and inherit the most precious thing a human being can attain - God Himself, eternal life.

Then, when we read the Bible after receiving Christ, bit by bit the whole purpose of God and the immeasurable riches given to us in Jesus Christ are revealed to us: His divinity, His fine and pure humanity, His love, and much more. Jesus Christ in us is alive and wants to grow and bring us to maturity during the time of our life of faith. Therefore, it should be the concern of every believer to cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This can be done through prayer, through regular reading of the Bible, especially the New Testament, and especially through fellowship with other Christians. Together with them we are built up to the house of God, which is the church. There in the church we even experience the whole fullness of God. Little by little we will realize what a wonderful work God has called us to.