We are a group of younger and older people, as well as families, who gather regularly on the basis of the one and indivisible church of Jesus Christ in Nuremberg. What unites us is the divine and eternal life of Jesus Christ, which dwells in all people who have become God's children through faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is our Lord and God, who is also our life. As members of his body in this city, we are one with all other children of God who belong to Christ with us.

We gather to sing and pray together, to praise and thank the Lord, to share experiences of faith with one another, to read the Bible, and to speak and hear the Word of God together. We practice New Testament church life in the exercise of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and spiritual ministries that God distributes to the members of His Body, serving one another in the fullness and power of the Holy Spirit for the building up of the Body of Christ. We are committed to maintaining the unity of the Spirit with all of God's children by seeking fellowship with all believing Christians in Nuremberg in order to represent with you the one indivisible body, the one and only church in this city.

We want to grow and come to maturity with each other and with all believing Christians in our city until we together as His body embody and represent Christ in His fullness. Since Christ cannot be divided, the church as His body on earth cannot and must not be divided and split into many different churches and Christian groups. The unity of the Body of Jesus Christ is very dear to us, so that we want to make as many of God's children as possible acquainted with the truth through Word and Scripture, and through our practical witness and example, that in every locality on this earth there can be only one expression of Christian fellowship that finds God's unqualified approval, namely the fellowship of the Body of Jesus Christ without any separation and division within this Body. We believe, based on the testimony of the New Testament, that the church of Jesus Christ in a particular locality builds itself up through the gifts and ministries that each individual member of the Body contributes. Each one can and should serve the church voluntarily, joyfully and without coercion, with the gift he has received.