Come and see!

This was also Jesus' answer when his disciples asked him, "Where do you live?".
God does not dwell in houses made with hands, but His house is the church. As Paul says: The church, the house of the living God.
Building the church is God's desire today. That is why Jesus says: I will build my church.

Who we are

Actually, the answer could be so simple: We are people who believe in Jesus Christ and therefore, as the Bible says, also belong to his church. But unfortunately, since its emergence in the first century, the church has moved far away from the biblical model and has adopted many foreign elements. That is why we would like to go into the question of who we are in a little more detail. Read more...

The meaning of human life

Each of us has asked himself why he lives in this world and what the purpose of his life is. The following six points will briefly outline God's plan for our lives as described in the Bible. If we understand it, we will also get an answer to the question of the meaning of our lives. Read more...